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What's New in Version 4.0

More Effects and Animation
Filter and color tint animation
You can now animate filter and color tinting during transition making it possible to have more interesting effect such as glowing, blurring in, changing color, etc. See demo ...
  Filter Animation
Looping Effect
As many of you have requested,
you can now add a cool looping effect such as orbit, blur, heart beat, glow and hundred others. Each comes with different settings you can adjust to produce more varieties of effect. See demo ...
  Looping Effect
Tint Color
  You can now apply tint color to any object such as text, rectangle, circle, image, clipart and even video! Tint color can be animated so you can make an object changing color while animating. See demo ...
  Tint Color
Better Audio Tools and Synchronization
Dedicated audio track with perfect synchronization
A dedicated audio track which covers the entire presentation is now added to support voice naration and background music which need full synchronization with the visual elements. Audio added in this track is guaranteed to be synchronized with the visual element even though the presentation is rewinded, fast forwarded via navigation control or when the presentation jumps from slide to slide via action. See demo ...

Synchronize audio easily with Audio scrubbing
Audio scrubbing is supported for audio track which allows you to click and drag mouse cursor on the timeline ruler and hear the audio playing at that particular time slice. This makes it much easier to coordinate object timing to make sure it matches up with specific part of audio without the need to play the presentation.
Frame Preview
Audio import wizard with tools to break audio apart into several slides
We know that audio import in earlier version can be quite confusing with lots of settings you have to set in order to achieve specific audio playback behavior. Now we have added a wizard which will automatically set them for you by simply making a selection. In addition you can also import or capture a sound and breaks it apart into several slides.
Edit, Merge and Re-record Audio with Audio Waveform Editor
  Edit audio easily with the waveform editor. You can import another sound and combine it with an existing one, trim, add silent and even re-record part of the audio.
Waveform Editor
More Powerfull Editing Tools
Quick Frame Preview
  You can now click and drag on the timeline ruller to preview your presentation at that time slice. Keep dragging the mouse cursor along the ruller to preview further. This way you can quickly see how your presentation looks like at that moment in time without the need to publish and preview the whole presentation. Quick Frame Preview also support audio scrubbing which will also play part of audio track being previewed.
  Frame Preview
Resizable Text Editor Window
  Typing long text can be quite frustrating in the previous version as the textbox area is limited and not resizable. You can now pop open a text editor with resizable window to make typing much easier.
Grid and Snap To Grid Tools
  One of the most requested features is being able to show and snap object to grid while moving object and dragging object handles. You can now even click and drag any corner or center of objects to make the grid system snap that corner or center to the nearest grid point/line. This makes it very easy to allign multiple objects.
Create More Engaging Presentation
Camera Zoom
  Zoom and pan from one point to another within a slide with the new Camera Zoom object. Pan and Zoom is a great way to focus on one part of screen at a time.
Better video import and support transparency
  The video import module has been rewritten to provide much better video compatibility. Previous version has problem when importing some DirectShow and Quicktime video. No you can also import video with transparency using a built-in chroma keying tool. This makes it possible for you to overlay a speaker/presenter video over your presentation. See demo ...
Insert External SWF
  You can now import an external SWF created by our product or other such as Adobe Flash, SWiSHmax, etc. You can add effect, filter settings, tint color the same way as any other internal shape object.

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