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What's New In Version 4.0


Faster Publishing Process.
The video encoding engine has been rewritten from scratch which encode up to 2x faster by taking advantage of multi-core CPU. The encoding process is now done in one pass for both audio and video which cut the encoding time by almost 40%.


On Demand Video Pre-loading
You can now make your video to load/buffer only after user click on it, just like YouTube. This way you can put as many video as you want in one page without worrying that all of them are loaded at the same time as soon as the webpage is loaded. Only the one user click will be loaded. All unloaded videos will automatically show JPEG thumbnails (customizable).

On Demand Preloading
  Perfect Visual and Audio Synchronization
For long video and even worse for WMV video, the previous version may have synchronization problem when encoding long video due to separate encoding process for video and audio. Flash Video Studio 4.0 adopt one single encoding for both video and audio which allows perfect synchronization no matter how long your video is.
codec comparison
  Import MPEG1/2/4 Video
Much desired features for previous version is to be able to import MPEG1/2/4 video. We listened to your request and deliver this feature in this version. MPEG4 video requires you to install the latest Quicktime player.

Import Videos From Handheld Device (3GP, 3G2, IPhone/IPod/IPad MPEG4)
Import videos taken with your handheld device (mobile phone, blackberry, IPhone, IPod, IPad) easily and publish them online.

  Wireless Video

Support more AVI, WMV, ASF Video
Previous version may have some problem with 25% of DirectShow video (AVI, WMV, ASF, DIVX, XVID) which causes freezes and crashes. This version has been tested in our lab is able to encode 100% of our test videos as long as you have the CODEC installed and you are able to play the video in Windows Media Player or QuickTime player.


Import DVD VOB Files
Yes you heard right. Flash Video Studio 4.0 can now import VOB file and encode them into Flash Video. No need to purchase additional DVD to Flash converter tools.

  Convert DVD to Flash
  Support Quicktime Movie with AAC Encoding
Quicktime Movie with AAC encoding which normally does not get supported by most Video Converter Software is now supported.
  More Robust and Reliable Video Editing
Editing process has been rewritten from scratch by adopting new video instance sharing technology between tabs which means faster video import, faster switching between tabs and GUI response and more importantly more stable. Single instance video sharing also means better utilization of non standard CODEC which fixes the problem with multiple FFDShow codec icon pops up in system tray.

Built-in VP6 Flash 8 Codec
Flash 8 Codec is now bundled in the installation. You don't need to download and install this CODEC externally anymore.

You can now deinterlace an interlaced video easily which improves the video quality. Interlace is a method to reduce video bandwidth by mixing 2 video frames into one image by laying the first image in the odd rows and second image in the even rows. It cuts the bandwidth by almost half however produces interlacing/horizontal stripes effect when you observe the video carefully.
  Better Video and Sound Bitrate Control
You can now control the sound encoding bitrate. Preset video quality also works much better at allocating bitrate depending on chosen settings.
  Audio Bitrate Control

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