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Comparison between H264 and Flash 8
Click here to see encoding quality comparison between AVC/H264 and Flash 8 format
On Demand Preloading  
Multiple videos showing the new on-demand preloading with bitmap thumbnail features.  
Long video  
Long videos showing perfect audio and visual synchronization..  
High Definition video encoded using H264 Format
Bandwidth = 800 kbps
Size = 12 MB
Format = H264
Duration = 2:04

You can press the fullscreen button to toggle the fullscreen mode on/off.
High Definition InkHeart trailer encoded using H264 demonstrates fullscreen capabilities.  
Subtitle demonstration
Bandwidth = 1200 kbps
Size = 5.5 MB
Format = Flash8
Duration = 47 secs

You can select the language by clicking the 'C' button on the video control.

Under The Same Moon trailer demonstrates subtitles (English, Italian and German)  
Bandwidth = 800 kbps
Size = 6.8 MB
Format = Flash8
Duration = 1:55

You can click the chapter icon at the bottom right corner of the panel to open a navigation chapter window list. Clicking on any item on this list will automatically navigate the video to the appropriate time.

I am Legend trailer demonstrates navigation chapters  
Flash 8 Alpha sample
Bandwidth = 800 kbps
Size = 2.8 MB
Format = Flash8 Alpha
Duration = 31 seconds
Demonstrate Flash 8 video with alpha is overlayed on top of a flash animation  
Playlist sample
Bandwidth = 800 kbps
Format = H264
Demonstrate a video control playing a playlist of multiple videos  
Low bandwidth video sample
Bandwidth = 300 kbps
Size = 4 MB
Format = H264
Duration = 1:40

The quality is still pretty good considering the low bandwidth setting is being used.

Demonstrate a low bandwidth video encoded using H264  

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