Flash Video Studio

What kind of video format does Flash Video Studio support?
  • Microsoft Windows Video Files (AVI, WMV, ASF)
  • MPEG Video Files (MPEG, MPG, MPV)
  • Quicktime Video Files (QT, MOV)
  • DVD VOB Files
  • Wireless Video Files (3GP, 3G2, IPhone MPEG4)
  • MPEG4 (through AVI format)
  • DIVX (through AVI format)
What is the minimum system requirement to run Flash Video Studio?
400 MHz CPU or better, 128 MB RAM, Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7.
DirectX 8.0 or better.
Recommended: 800 MHz CPU and 256 MB RAM.
Do I need to install Adobe Flash to be able to use Flash Video Studio?
Does Flash Video Studio support Flash 8 + Alpha?
Yes it does. It also has a built-in chroma keying tools to define the transparency area within video.
Does Flash Video Studio support the new AVC/H264 video format?
Yes it does.
Can I publish mutliple video files into one player with a playlist?
Yes you can..
Does Flash Video Studio support dual pass encoding?
Yes it does. The Flash 8 video format support dual pass encoding.
How do I publish multiple video files without publishing it one by one?
Flash Video Studio supports batch publishing process.
Can I publish a video without audio?
Yes you can.
Can I add an external soundtrack to be mixed with the published video?
Yes you can.
Why the published video has a Flash Video Studio watermark?
All published video using trial/evaluation version of Flash Video Studio will have a watermark. To remove it, please purchase the software.
What type of SWF file is created by the Flash Video Studio?
Flash Video Studio creates a standard Adobe Flash File version. It is compatible with Adobe Flash MX CS4.
Can I import the published video into Adobe Flash?
Yes you can. Both SWF and FLV format published by Flash Video Studio are importable into Adobe Flash.
I cannot find answer to my question here. What should I do?
Please contact support.

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