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example Tutorial

A tutorial of sending email using Microsoft Outlook Express that was made using Flash Demo Builder. The start of this sample will also show you the new text animation.
example Video Transparency

Video transparency is used to show presenter as if she is standing in front of the presentation giving speech narration..
example Voice Narration

Shows a synchronized voice narration recorded from microphone playing throughout the presentation. Audio track is synchronized throughout presentation even though you manually navigate the slide backward and forward using navigation control.
example Chart and Flowchart

Use the new FlowChart, Pie, Bar and Line Chart components to spice up your presentation. You can customize its color, shape and appearances easily.
example Auto Panning During Capturing

Showing a demonstration of a website created using Auto Panning feature.
example Multimedia Presentation

An engaging multimedia presentation which combines sound, video and text.

You can add video file such as AVI, MOV, WMV, or MPEG with transparency.
example Interactive Quiz

Creating an interactive quiz is very easy using Flash Demo Builder. The quiz result can be sent to your own database server using just a simple script.
example Product Showcase

An interactive real estate brochure with click-able floor plan and photo gallery.
example Screen Capture Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how easy and powerful to capture application that includes keyboard typing, mouse movement and auto caption using Flash Demo Builder.

Single EXE containing multiple presentations

Demonstrate a multiple flash movies published into an Executable file with a full application installer and a menu.

Download executable file here

Layer effect

Drop Shadow, Blur, Glow and other visual effect

Demonstration of various visual effect such as gradient glow, blur, drop shadow which you can to a text or any other objects even videos.

Layer effect

Overlapping scene transition effect

Flash Demo Builder 2.0 allows you to play slide transition effect between two slides, allowing an effect such as cross-fade possible. You can even make a text or an object starts animating during this slide transition.

Layer effect

Layer Effect, Text Animation and Stylish Background

Demonstration of various layer effects, text animation and stylish background. Layer effect is an effect which is playing over the entire movie area. Eg: rain, thunder, clouds, confetti, etc. Stylish background is a collection of professionaly designed background you can apply to your presentation.

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